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Weddings &
Vow Renewals


A Wedding Day is a celebration of the choices you and your partner have already made & your pledge to keep choosing each other for the rest of your lives together.

To me, celebrating those specific choices between you as a couple is what a Wedding should be all about
and moments of commitment to one another should be meaningful enough to live in your memory forever.


Your union should be all about you and what makes your hearts beat as a couple.

This maybe through hilarious anecdotes from your most memorable moments, meaningful acknowledgment
of what you love most about each other, or as many cliché poems as you like!

So, whether you envision a classic glide down the aisle or want to throw out the rule book, we can do it!

There is a host of symbolism & ritual associated with different Wedding styles & we can incorporate as many
(& only) the ones that are important to you.


I'll work to create a ceremony that perfectly solidifies your unique commitment & communicates everything that you want to say to one another in the most comfortable, authentic & memorable way.

I'll tell your love story in a way that you & your guests can enjoy even more than the celebration fizz afterwards!


As we will have gotten to know each other, mine will be a reassuring & reliable face on your big day.

I can manage your rehearsal, support you with the vows, readings, speeches... stick around to MC your reception, you name it really.


I will be your biggest cheerleader, so just tell me what you need

Traditions, Rituals & Symbolism

The defining component of a civil ceremony are the 3 sentences of 'contract' stated by the Registrar/Religious Leader.

Everything else; from the flowers, the rings, even the vows, are elements of tradition that you may choose to include, exclude or evolve for your Celebrant Ceremony.

Whether you want to skip all the singing, find a special way to include family members, physically tie the knot or even incorporate tequila shots into your ceremony, let me know!


My training explored ritual gestures & symbolism such as Handfasting & Sand Ceremony but there is an inspiring list of possibilities I can go through with you. Equally, if you have an idea for something meaningful to work into your Union, we can embrace it.

The Legal Stuff

For some couples the act of sincere & personal commitment in front of their loved ones is priority & the legal bit is less important. I'll happily provide a Wedding Certificate for signing at the end of your ceremony if you wish, but this will not be legally binding.


You are entirely free to have a Legal service at any point before or after a Celebrant ceremony too.

This could be inexpensive with only your witnesses at the Registry office the day prior, or whatever suits you. I am happy to help explain the ways you can approach this & the steps you need to take, just ask. 

The UK government is currently (Feb 2024) reviewing the overdue update in Marriage Law & our hope is that before long, Celebrants in England will be able to legally marry couples just as they can Scotland, Ireland & several other countries. Yay! 

For now though, these videos give a flavour of the difference between a Registrar vs Celebrant ceremony - 

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