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Image by Constantin Panagopoulos

Baby Naming

& Welcome to The World Parties


Big or small, filled with promises or simply filled with love; I would be honoured to help celebrate the growth of your Family.

Welcoming new family members into the fold is surely one of the best reasons to celebrate, but

Formal Christenings & religious events aren't for everyone.

How you introduce a new family member or your precious tiny new human into your World should be exactly what suits you and your situation.

Traditions, Rituals & Symbolism

You may choose to incorporate some traditions or ritual, or start brand new ones.

There is no rule book, so we can acknowledge religion & a form of Supporting Parents or "God Parent' if you wish.

We can capture any ideas you have for what the day should represent, or I can share some ideas from an inspiring list of possibilities, including symbolic gestures such as Hand Fasting or Sand Ceremony.


The result is a guaranteed, entirely bespoke ceremony that honours your occasion with heart, making it inclusive, sincere, meaningful & fun.

Group of Babies
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