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Funerals &
Celebration of Life

Please accept my heartfelt Condolences xxx​


When it comes to Saying Goodbye to our loved ones, I passionately believe there is no right or wrong approach. Of the 8.1 billion people on the planet, each one of us is on our own journey through life & we will each leave a unique mark. Therefore, the way in which we commemorate & pay our respects to those we have loved & lost should be approached with an open heart & mind.  

For some, a traditional service at a Crematorium will be the most appropriate choice & a Celebrant will be able to liaise with your Funeral Director directly to manage all the details of the occasion.

For those whom need a more bespoke way to celebrate the life of someone who has passed, I will do my best to understand what the most meaningful approach to a ceremony could be for you & remove any perceived obstacles in the concept or planning stages.

No matter the approach to organising a Funeral that best serves you, I will take the time to get to know as much as I can about the person whom we are giving thanks for; with compassion & kindness. I am personable & professional, yet warm & aim to make guiding you through the steps of the planning process as relaxed, assured & sincere as possible, given the circumstance.

I’ll ask careful questions & listen intuitively to gather all I need to write a heartfelt, dignified ceremony that captures some of the spirit of your loved one & liaise with all additional vendors to minimise the amount of contact & admin you are faced with, as seamlessly as I can.

I am able to reflect religious content, recommend poems/readings or willing to do extra research to make meaningful suggestions that are relevant to the individual needs of every family I work with. This has even stretched to fancy dress at Vegas themed Celebration of Life ceremony this year – So, please don’t feel any restrictions as you try to find the best way to comfort friends & family through the hardest of times. 

I will by your side, just get in touch for a no obligation chat.

I can also design & deliver your Order of Service stationery if required. 

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