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If you have any questions big or small, or are interested having me Officiate your ceremony I would love to hear from you!


We can talk over the phone, through a screen or even better - meet for a G&T! 


Tell me about what you would like for your upcoming event & I’ll give you an honest view of what I can offer to turn that vision into a bespoke, inclusive & authentic reality with you at it's Heart.


This is a no obligation opportunity to see if we are a good match for your Celebration.

What is a Celebrant?

Simply put, a Celebrant is a professional bespoke ceremony Officiant. As an Independent Celebrant I am not bound by Religion or Law, so I am free to work with anyone, in any location & can reflect all (& only) the chosen aspects of a ceremony that are meaningful to them. Celebrant ceremonies are bespoke, authentically personal & delivered with Heart!

Are Celebrant Weddings Legal?

The short answer is no. While we can sign a Wedding Certificate at the end of the ceremony, it is not legally binding in the UK. For now, think of a celebrant Wedding as similar to a birthday - we mark the anniversary of our birth, not the date our birth certificate was signed. The Government are currently (Feb 2024) reviewing a bill to legally recognise Celebrant's just as several other countries do, including Ireland, Scotland & Australia which recently celebrated 50 years of Celebrant Marriages. Until we do catch up though, you are entirely free to do the legal bit (if you want to) at any time before or after your 'real' ceremony day filled with personality, heart & all your nearest & dearest. Registry offices charge around £60 for a contractual Civil Partnership. I am happy to walk you through all the options for this, just reach out.

Can you mention Religions?

Absolutely! We can find a way to meaningfully honour any elements of one or multiple faiths that are important to you.

Can you officiate for LGBTQT+ Weddings?

I most certainly can & do! I believe love is limitless & strive to ensure everyone has a place to feel seen & safe! Do not hesitate to get in touch, no matter what love means to you or however you identify.

Can we have a form of 'God Parent' even if we don't want a traditional Christening/Naming Ceremony?

Yes! There are endless ways we can put together a Naming Ceremony to suit your family. Whether you want to introduce a new born, celebrate blending two families or welcome an adopted person into the fold I'll create a ceremony that is not only inclusive but can acknowledge any other 'supporting roles' you wish.

Do you offer Wedding/Event Consultation?

Yes. I have lots of experience & connections that i am happy to share with you! I will listen to all you have envisioned & work tirelessly to explore, create & deliver it, drawing on all my industry knowledge, an open mind & no.1 cheerleading skills! I also offer event support; from organising, recommendations, connecting you with tried & tested vendors or even mentoring participants for their speeches. Don't hesitate to ask if you need a hand with something.

Location & Travel

As I can conduct Celebrant ceremonies absolutely anywhere (from your garden to the beaches of St Lucia) I'll be happy to travel far & wide for your occasion! I am based in Hertfordshire & London but am able to be very flexible so just let me know what you have in mind! For bookings local to me, i'll charge nothing for travel!

Time Scales

It is important that you & I spend some time getting to know all the details about YOU, the unique character of your relationship/family & Marriage/future goals & to work through the vision you have for your celebration. So, the sooner we get to work the better! If your occasion is coming up fast though, get in touch so we can fast track the process.

Package options & Fees

There are different levels of Big Heart services available for Weddings, Vow Renewals, Naming Ceremonies & more! Whichever you are interested in, lets talk about it. I will always try to flexible & transparent, & keep any additional costs such as long distance travel to a minimum (& as environmentally friendly as possible). I am happy to take payments over two or three instalments if that is helpful too. Initial conversations are free with no obligation & if we do decide to work together you'll be able to get in touch with your Big Heart cheerleader at anytime!

What are your Credentials?

I am qualified & registered by the award winning Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. This organisation has a "reputation for excellence & professionalism, but strong ethics, values & belief diversity". Find more on their registry here or get in touch & I'll happily explain further.

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