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To know me is to know I have a Big Heart, that I'm intrinsically enthusiastic about people, tirelessly thoughtful & get the greatest joy from ensuring all our successes in life & love are celebrated at ANY opportunity!

Victoria Howard

Who I am

My background includes Psychology & Literature studies, a career in Fashion & a lifetime in the Events & Hospitality industry consistently learning of the diversities of life & love. I like to think I've developed a sixth sense for interpreting what makes people tick & that it was all paving the way to my role as a Registered Celebrant.


Listening to the endearing stories of couples & families, developing a sincere understanding of what makes their hearts beat & what they want their special day to represent, is a pleasure!

To me, being a Celebrant means going above & beyond in pursuit of sharing genuine warmth, thoughtfulness, & a passion for people which is really what makes my world go round.


I pride myself on being a caring, compassionate, intuitive & thorough person, though my friends will hasten to add that I am also pretty quirky & capable of real comedy genius (though not always intentionally)!


I adore the honour of writing & delivering authentically personal, affectionate, funny, engaging & memorable ceremonies that tick all the boxes for my Clients!

Together we can replace traditional formats with your hearts desire!

The Why

When it comes to Weddings & events, I am no stranger to the behind-the-scenes elements required to create such a special day! But for all the hard work & preparation in the run up, it is all worth it for those precious moments when a couple or a family come together.


To me, the joy is in those glimpses of what love & ceremony really means. It’s the Choice.

The willing and deliberate decision to pledge to do your best for another, come what may.


To not only witness the quality of love & compassion between couples or families, but also to facilitate apprehension fading away as they hear the bespoke words of their ceremony, reflecting exactly what it is that they want to promise to one another in the way most authentic to them, is a life affirming honour.

The When & Where

I’m based in London & Hertfordshire but more than happy to travel far & wide. I am flexible, resourceful & determined to go the extra mile. Just get in touch & let me know what you need!


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